What is it?

Proofreading is at your fingertips with Proofreading for Confluence. Need a review? Request it with just one click directly from your Confluence page to let your team know that it's time to jump in.

What does it do?

Proofreading for Confluence adds a ''Request Proofread'' action to every Confluence page.

By clicking the button, you send a proofreading request to a selected team who is best suited to proofread your page. You can also include a message with your request and a date, which acts as a deadline for the page to be proofread.

All the team members who are part of the proofreading team will be able to see all requests on their Confluence Home page. And if someone volunteers to take up the task themselves, they head to the page and leave inline comments with their edits.

When they finish the proofreading task, they can mark the request as 'done' from a button on the top of the page.

Why we built it?

At K15t, we believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge and the impact it can have on teams. As a result, writing internal and external blog posts, documentation, and other content as a team is a core part of our culture. We are also a very international team based out of Stuttgart, Germany, so most of our communication is in English. But that means for many of us, English is a second or third language.

Language barriers prevent many from taking that first step to writing a blog post or sharing their knowledge in writing. Even though we have a fantastic group of native English speakers who are more than willing to help proofread and encourage people to write more, we have faced some challenges like:

Lack of Clear Ownership

It is not always clear or easy to identify the right proofreaders, especially when you are new to the company. Moreover, you may need the assistance for content in a language other than English. This adds additional barriers for new writers.

Lack of Transparency

Even if there is an established proofreading group within the company, not everyone has the time and sometimes there might be multiple people ready to help. Simply posting a request in a Slack channel may not be sufficient. What we need is a 'request pool' from which someone can pick articles for proofreading. In short, the process needs to be more transparent for there to be better collaboration.

In order to optimize the communication within our team and empower more people to share their knowledge, we've looked for a way to automate the proofreading requests. Our solution? Proofreading for Confluence!

What’s next?